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Sundog Eyeware

Sundog Eyeware and Sunglasses 2023 Offer Style, Function and Quality at a Great Value

Sundog Eyeware and Sunglasses 2023 combine style, function, and quality at an amazing value. Endorsed by LPGA star Paula Creamer, these sunglasses include golf performance sunglasses.

Golf requires sunglasses of all kinds for all of its aspects - from watching tee shots to searching out balls in the rough - so to help your customers find their ideal pair, here are some helpful hints:

1. Melanin Treat Lenses

Melanin, a natural skin pigment and natural defense against sunlight's damaging effects on our bodies and eyes, serves as an effective defense mechanism. Sundog's innovative technology incorporates melanin into optical lenses in order to mitigate eye damage and enhance vision. Melanin infused lenses reduce harmful blue light as well as UV radiation associated with it and filtering out high energy visible light that causes cataracts or macular degeneration while simultaneously decreasing glare which causes strain or discomfort to the eyes.

Sundog's TrueBlue range filters harmful blue light and UV to protect eyes against short and long-term eye damage, including veiled glare that causes visual fatigue as well as disruptions of natural sleep patterns and inhibition of melatonin production. Polarized and non-polarized options of TrueBlue lenses are available.

Lenses are produced by adding melanin powder and colour-changing agents in an appropriate proportion to base lens materials such as PC (or AC, or CR39) material, then fabricating it into melanin lenses using conventional lens fabrication processes. After printing with honeycomb patterns on both sides, these lenses are coated with blue and gold paint for the final product.

Sundog sunglasses are the preferred brand of many of today's premier junior golfers, such as four-time PGA Tour winner Hunter Mahan, 2010 U.S. Womens Open Champion Paula Creamer (9x LPGA Tour Winner), Masters Champion Mike Weir and four-time LPGA Tour winner Paula Creamer (10X), as well as Masters Champion Mike Weir. Sundog's commitment to protecting young golfers' eyes both on and off the course is supported by their partnership with American Junior Golf Association's SunSafeTee program where Sundog will donate sunglasses to various tournaments or competitions worldwide as well as host an annual Hunter Mahan AJGA Championship event - providing much-needed eye protection!

2. UVA/UVB Protection

Your customers seeking sunglasses for use both on the course and everyday must consider UV protection when searching for new glasses. UVA and UVB rays can cause irreparable eye damage, so it is vitally important that their frames and lenses offer sufficient UVA/UVB ray blocking; look for frames/lenses with UV 400 protection (this protects 99-100% of both UVA/UVB).

Sundog TrueBlue lenses contain melanin and Ocular Lens Pigment (OLP) to block harmful blue light, providing superior glare reduction, definition enhancement, and visual comfort for golfers. Blue light can lead to fatigued eyes, blurry vision issues, and eye fatigue - making Sundog TrueBlue lenses perfect for blocking it out completely.

Sundog provides multiple styles of golf-ready sunglasses, such as the popular Draft and Bolt frames for men. Both frames are lightweight yet comfortable; made of impact resistant polycarbonate material that's flexible yet durable with an extensive warranty against breakage - they also come designed to look stylish!

The women's Sundog Dream features a retro-teashade frame with elegant metal arms. Featuring TrueBlue lenses that filter blue light to eliminate motion blur, making it easier for tracking tee shots and reading greens. Furthermore, anti-reflective coating provides UV protection on sunny days while its neutral tint offers protection from harsh light conditions.

Sundog sunglasses have long been the go-to brand for professional golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Paula Creamer, Jordan Spieth and other twentysomething phenoms. Sundog currently offers 22 models that span sleek performance to fashion-forward casual styles.

3. High Definition Lenses

As soon as you first experienced high definition television, it likely left you amazed with its crisp details and clear image. That same sensation applies when wearing eyeglasses fitted with HD lenses - these lenses can make vision sharper and clearer even for nearsighted or farsighted users with mild astigmatism!

These lenses employ free-form or wavefront technology. Fully digital, this process involves computer-aided design and manufacturing processes to custom make lenses to your prescription. Not only are these lenses great at reducing glare and providing clarity across all gaze directions; but they are particularly beneficial in mitigating blue light's harmful effects on retina and skin around eyes, which may increase risk for diseases or lead to premature aging.

These lenses correct higher-order aberrations (visual errors that regular spherical or cylindrical lenses cannot correct), which cause visual discomfort and deterioration. By providing clearer vision with increased contrast than conventional lenses, these are ideal for patients with moderately severe to extreme prescriptions.

Digitally surfaced lenses use an advanced process which provides more precise lens surface surfacing than traditional lenses, leading to improved quality of vision with reduced distortion, glare, and fatigue. Furthermore, these lenses may help patients who require near/distance vision in one lens.

Most people can benefit from these lenses, especially those who find their current eyeglasses to be disappointing. However, it should be noted that these lenses tend to be more costly than their traditional counterparts and it's essential that you carefully consider all of your options before spending more than usual on prescription eyewear.

4. Anti-Glare Lenses

anti-reflective (AR) lenses help minimize distracting glare caused by light reflecting off their surfaces, improving clarity and visibility for those spending extended amounts of time viewing screens or driving in dim lighting environments. While AR lenses tend to be more expensive than their non-AR counterparts, they may also be more vulnerable to scratches and smudges; thus making an AR coating part of your initial purchase decision the wisest course.

Add an AR coating to your glasses for easier cleaning - with just a simple wipe of lukewarm water and microfibre lens cloth, most smudges can be removed easily, keeping the lenses clearer longer. An AR coating also improves their aesthetic value by eliminating distracting reflections.

Sundog's TrueBlue sunglasses filter out harmful blue light and block UV rays to protect eyes and skin from damage, making these lenses popular with professionals such as LPGA player Paula Creamer who owns her own collection featuring Freestyle and Bravo frames. Sundog designed these lenses specifically for golfers by including features like flow-through top venting, open bottom frame design, as well as Megol temple tips and nose pads to provide maximum comfort during wear.

5. Lightweight Frames

Eyeglass frames represent about 80% of their weight, so they must be lightweight. Lightweight frames come in many forms such as slim metal or special materials like titanium. Titanium makes an excellent lightweight solution because it does not corrode easily and it can even be formed into ultra-thin frames without losing strength - some even feature flexible temples for added comfort!

Henrik Stenson wore Iceman 3.0 frames while golfing, which are lightweight, comfortable and provide ample protection from the sun. Sundog lenses have proven especially helpful against blue light which has been linked with eye fatigue and sleep disorders; their Aurora lens technology utilizes synthetic melanin filters that filter it out effectively, protecting eyes from its effects.

Rudy Project offers another great example with its Elite XL sunglasses: these lightweight sunglasses were specifically created to offer athletes superior vision with its Aurora TrueBlue lenses, proven effective at blocking harmful blue light and proven to increase performance while decreasing fatigue. Furthermore, their adjustable and lightweight frame make these an excellent choice for sports like cycling or running.

Sundog's Iceman 2.0 glasses feature a polarized lens that filters out harmful UVA and UVB rays while still letting in natural blue light, helping your body's vitamin D levels remain optimal and promote healthy skin - especially as skin cancer rates continue to rise. Furthermore, these anti-reflective lenses will ensure no sun glare or annoying reflections cause visual disruptions!

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