taylormade p770 golf irons

Relaunched TaylorMade P770 Golf Irons

The relaunched TaylorMade P770 irons have been a hit with golfers across the board. They’re designed for skilled ball strikers, but also suitable for more advanced players who want to shape shots and feel confident at address.

The new irons feature a thin, wraparound forged 4140 steel face with a soft 8620 carbon steel body. They include up to 46g of tungsten in the 3-7 irons for an optimized centre of gravity (CG) and more forgiveness.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is designed to help players launch high-speed shots with more control. It combines a flexible forged iron face with a Thru-Slot speed pocket to promote optimal ball speeds across a wider section of the clubface, regardless of the angle of impact. This patented technology is ideal for golfers who are looking for increased face flexibility with low mis-hits and improved forgiveness.

Developed to provide more of a forged-like feel, the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is positioned behind the clubface. It features a soft polymer blend that channels away harsh vibrations from the face, delivering a more comfortable feel without sacrificing face flexibility.

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket also increases the surface area of the face, which enables more ball speed on lower-face strikes and more forgiveness. This is a benefit for both advanced and novice players.

Another feature of the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket design is a progressive Inverted Cone Technology (ICT). This feature expands the COR zone to increase ball speed across a larger portion of the face. This helps golfers produce a straighter shot, and it can even counteract the common right miss.

While a compact head and a thin top line can make it difficult to hit these clubs, they’re still very popular with advanced ball strikers. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is engineered to increase face flexibility and improve forgiveness on low face hits, and the Inverted Cone Technology works to expand the COR zone for more ball speed across the entire face.

This patented technology is an ideal option for golfers who are looking to gain more distance with their irons. Its innovative design provides better face flexibility and higher ball speeds for more consistent performance, while its acoustics are excellent.

These irons are available at a fair price, and they offer great distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. They are also a good choice for mid-handicap players, especially those who have a hard time hitting the ball long.

TaylorMade has designed these irons to be versatile and work well for both average and high-handicap players. They also have a wide range of club heads to fit the needs of all types of golfers.

Progressive Inverted Cone Technology

The P770 irons are designed to bridge the gap between the player-oriented P790 and the more traditional P7MB and P7MC. They combine a traditional silhouette with modern technology to give high handicap golfers a powerful iron.

Originally released back in 2020, the Taylormade P770 irons sold out in just five days and Taylormade was unable to keep up with demand. This time around, the company promises it will be able to deliver more of these irons to consumers in the future.

In addition to their great looks, the Taylormade p770 irons also deliver exceptional distance and forgiveness. This is due in large part to the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology that has been implemented throughout the iron.

This patented technology increases face flexibility to maximize ball speed on low-face strikes, while reducing side spin and protecting your off-center hits. In turn, this helps you achieve more consistent shots.

To increase face flexibility, the taylormade p770 irons have a thin 1.5mm face. This paired with Progressive Inverted Cone Technology allows for an even larger sweet spot on the clubface, which reduces the chance of side spin while increasing distance and accuracy.

The taylormade p770 is an excellent choice for any high handicap golfer looking to add some distance and forgiveness to their game. It also provides excellent feel and consistency on every shot.

A thin, wrap-around forged 4140 steel face and soft carbon steel body are combined with up to 46g of tungsten weighting that helps players produce explosive distances and a solid combination of forgiveness. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket increases face flexibility and preserves ball speed on low-face strikes, while the ECHO Damping System channels away harsh vibrations to provide a forged-like feel.

This iron has a thin, wrap-around forged 4140 face and soft carbon steel body that helps players produce explosive distances and dependable consistency on every shot. The Thru-Slot Speed pocket increases face flexibility to maximize ball speed on low-face shots, while the ECHO damping system channels away harsh vibrations to provide a smoother and more forged-like feel.

These irons are an excellent choice for any high handicap golfer seeking to add some distance and forgiveness to their game. They are also an excellent choice for any player who is looking for a more traditional look at address but still wants to take advantage of the latest modern technologies.

Tungsten Weighting

Tungsten is a heavy material that can help lower the center of gravity and improve ball speed. The material also helps to create more spin, resulting in increased distance on off-center strikes.

TaylorMade uses this technology in their P770 irons, which are available as a complete set of three through nine-irons and pitching and approach wedges. The long irons and short irons make use of a "Tungsten Back Bar" that is designed to boost MOI and reduce the CG.

In addition to this, they include up to 46 grams of tungsten in the longer irons, which is designed to place more weight in the perimeter areas to make each club more stable and more forgiving. The patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket is also included, which is designed to maximize ball speeds, especially on shots hit lower on the face.

These features, as well as the forged 4140 steel face, ensure that these irons deliver a fast and explosive trajectory. In addition, the forged steel body of the P770 irons is soft and forgiving, which ensures that you get an excellent feel when hitting these clubs.

Another key feature of the P770 irons is their Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, which is a variable face thickness that is strategically placed in a specific location to help increase accuracy and ball speeds when you don’t quite hit dead center on the club face. The technology is also designed to protect ball speed all across the face, ensuring that you get maximum speed even when you don’t hit a perfect shot.

The P770 irons also come with up to 45g of tungsten behind the ultra-thin face, which is a huge improvement over their predecessor. The company also injected Speedfoam Air into the cavity, which is similar to the Speedfoam that was introduced in the P790 irons.

The P770 irons are a great choice for any player who wants to increase their performance and consistency with a small, sleek iron. These irons are also ideal for a mid-level handicap player who is looking for some extra forgiveness from their golf clubs.

SpeedFoam Air

With a new generation of SpeedFoam Air, TaylorMade engineers have smartened up their best-selling player’s distance iron. Rather than using the original material between the 4140 face and 8620 body, these p770 irons use a urethane that is 69% less dense and saves 3.5 grams per head.

The material combines with the thinner face to increase ball speeds. It also helps to dampen sound and strategically supports the face for increased forgiveness.

TaylorMade has also redesigned the tungsten weighting scheme on these irons to improve their performance, with heavier weighting in the longer irons and a reduction in the middle irons. This is designed to boost the overall performance of these taylormade p770 golf irons, while maintaining a high level of forgiveness.

This is achieved by positioning the centre of gravity (CG) low and slightly toe-ward, a placement that allows for higher launch and more spin. This is combined with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Inverted Cone Technology to unleash increased ball speed across the face while allowing for forgiveness low in the clubhead.

These taylormade p770 irons are perfect for mid-handicap players who want an all-around iron that delivers excellent ball control and explosive speeds. With a thin face that has been improved to the thinnest TaylorMade has ever produced, they provide more speed and flexibility than their predecessors and will allow you to make more precise and controllable shots.

A hollow construction has been paired with up to 46g of tungsten in the long irons to help you achieve better ball speed and control over your shot. This increases your ability to hit the ball with more precision and confidence, especially when you’re in the fairway.

As you’d expect from TaylorMade, these taylormade p770 forged irons have a premium sound and feel to them. It’s a very good feeling iron that will make you feel like a better player with every swing.

This is an ideal iron set for low handicap players who want to increase their ball speed and control on the course. It has a solid feel and is easy to hit, but you’ll have to practice a bit to get the most out of them.