SKLZ Refiner Putter

SKLZ Refiner Putter

SKLZ Swing Accelerator Iron

SKLZ Swing Accelerator Iron

SKLZ Swing Accelerator Driver

Swing Accelerator® - Driver Hittable Weighted Golf Club

460CC Driver Finally, a weighted golf club that gives you good feel instead of seeming like a heavy block in your hands…and you can hit balls with it.

The patented internal weighting system provides true club balance and weighting for training to improve your golf swing.

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SKLZ Swing Accelerator Driver

Increases distance on the golf course

Longer straighter shots

Increases strength & flexibility of golf-specific muscles

Ideal for warm-up or staying in shape during the off-season

Can hit balls – improve actual swings rather than just practice swings.

Ingrains the feel of the correct golf swing path and improved ball contact

460cc weighted driver head

Patented shaft weighting technology (internal material in shaft) harnesses the power of centrifugal force and gives a real club feel

Gives audible cues on out-of-rhythm swings

Patented see-through grip graphics for ideal hand placement

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