Taylormade Golf Stealth Driver - Thumb View @aslangolf

Taylormade Golf Stealth Driver

Taylormade Golf Stealth HD Womens Driver - Thumb View @Aslangolf

Taylormade Golf Stealth HD Womens Driver

Taylormade Golf Stealth HD Driver

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Taylormade Golf Stealth HD Driver


Taylormade Stealth Driver Shop Now Banner @Aslangolf

Carbonwood The New Face of Golf

New for 2022 Taylormade introduce the Stealth family of Drivers to their line up. 20 years in the making Taylormade engineers have perfected the art of using Carbon in the face for the ALL New Carbonwoods as used by Tiger Woods in the recent PNC Championship.

Taylormade's Stealth Driver range will consist of the Stealth Plus+, Stealth and Stealth HD (High Draw) to cover all the different launch and spin characteristics a golfer might prefer to help you get dialled in to perform your best on the course where it matters most.

60X Carbon Twist Face

After 20 years in the development Taylormade brings an end to the titanium era in its premium driver. Being 44% lighter and 11% larger than its titanium counterpart in the previous SIM2 and SIM2 Max, the all new 60X Carbon Twist Face enables Taylormade to save weight which is distributed around the head to offer more stability across the face. Sixty layers of carbon fibre have been strategically designed to give greater energy transfer to the golf ball over a larger area of the face resulting in higher ballspeeds, optimal distances and forgiveness.

Nanotexture Cover

Encased by a polyurethane cover the 60X Carbon Twist Face which features revolutionary new Nanotexture technology. Regardless of the playing conditions whether it be wet or dry, the Nanotexture cover is used to fine tune launch and spin to optimise total distance.

Asymmetric Inertia Generator

The Inertia Generator continues to be the foundational source of refined aerodynamic properties in drivers. Golfers at every level will beable to create greater speed in the down swing due to Stealth's slippery fast head shape design.

High Draw Design

At the expense of forgiveness it is often traded for that draw bias design and desired right to left ball flight. By utilising the weight savings gained from using the new 60X carbon face, the inertia generator is shifted more to the heel enabling the Taylormade design team to maintain that draw bias flight whilst creating the highest MOI of the Stealth family of drivers.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

Design engineered to maximize ball speeds the is Taylormade's most flexible Speed Pocket producing additional forgiveness on low face strikes.


Stealth HD Driver Specifications

Stealth HD Driver RH/LH 56° - 60° 460CC 45.75" D4/D5
Stealth HD Driver 10.5° RH/LH 56° - 60° 460CC 45.75" D4/D5
Stealth HD Driver 12° RH 56° - 60 460CC 45.75" D4/D5
Stealth HD Womens Driver 10.5° RH 56° - 60° 460CC 43.75" C8
Stealth HD Womens Driver 12° RH 56° - 60 460CC 43.75" C8


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