Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls '24 - Yellow - Dozen

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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls - Yellow - Dozen

Tour Soft is an excellent golf ball for middle-handicap players who want to increase distance, but without losing control of the green. It's also a great choice for those with a high handicap who do not want to spend a lot on the urethane-covered golf balls.

The ball comes with an upper compression core that helps increase energy transfer from the ballface. This helps reduce backspin, and speeds up the ball's speed to increase carrying distance.

Soft Feel

A golf ball's feel is a major factor in the way it performs. The Titleist Tour soft golf balls were specifically designed to give golfers the most comfortable feel while still offer high performance in the field. They're made with an extremely low pressure rating (60) which is ideal for players who have lower speed swings.

Apart from having a softer feeling, they also offer greater distance and better greenside control. This is mostly because of their lightweight ionomer covers and FastLayer Core.

It's a flexible and soft ball that can provide great distance, even with off-center hits. It's an excellent option for players looking to increase their range, however, don't have a lot of money.

It also features a slim 4CE grafted cover which can help generate an accurate greenside spin to improve short game playing. The 342 cuboctahedron dimples assist in creating a penetrating airflow and a longer distance.

I noticed it interesting that the Tour Soft was quite similar to the Pro V1 on full swing wedge shots. However, the gap increased when I back-swing half-wedge shots. This is because urethane-covered balls tend to spin more than covers made of non-urethane on these kinds of shots.

If you're in search of an elite golf ball with an easier feel, but gives plenty of range it is recommended to consider this ball: Titleist Pro V1. It's a two-piece ball that's ideal for those with lower handicaps and who are on a tight budget. It has a softer feel and has a greater compression rating than the Tour Soft, but at an affordable price.

Longer Distance

The bigger center of Tour Soft enables it to fly higher and for longer off the tee, and it also provides a soft, comfortable feel that players enjoy. The Tour Soft also has a brand new aerodynamic design that optimizes your tee for green performance. The 4CE grafted covers provide solid greenside spin as well as short game control.

This ball is made for golfers looking to improve their more distance and softness, without having to sacrifice their short game. the aerodynamic dimple pattern offers an optimized flight that is smoother and more reliable than the new Tour Speed. It is the Tour Soft will still produce more speed off your clubhead and is more consistent than new Pro V1X, and is the ideal choice for golfers with slower and require more distance.

The launch monitor test showed that The Tour Soft was comparable to the Pro V1X in flight, but it spun around 20% faster when hitting full-swing wedge shots and less when swinging half-wedges. It was a bit more pliable on the face, and had to be struck harder however once you've gotten comfortable with it, it's an excellent alternative for those who prefer an easier feel to their golf balls.

It features the biggest core that has ever been found in an Titleist ball. This provides a comfortable feel but still able to deliver high-speed ball speeds for every shot. The new cover formula comes with an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover that offers reliable short game control, as well as greenside spin to provide greater accuracy.

Although it doesn't extend as far as the new Pro V1X but it does provide greater distance than other balls that are not covered with urethane. It's an excellent value for price and makes a fantastic alternative to golf balls covered with urethane.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to improve your extra length to your tee or just improve your short game This ball is an excellent choice for players of all levels. It provides a comfortable smooth, soft and responsive feel that will boost your confidence and allow you to improve your accuracy on the golf course. It's available in white and optic yellow, and retails around £30 a dozen.

More Greenside Control

These soft Golf balls from Titleist are an excellent option for mid-to-low swing speed players looking to produce a little extra greenside spin. They come with an urethane-cast cover which can decrease drag as well as increase the spin of your wedges and your irons on the green.

This means that you'll be more confident when trying to make an iron shot that is long at the green. They also come with a clever alignment aid that will assist you with sizing your putter to strike the right line to the hole.

Tour Soft 2022 Tour Soft 2022 is the third generation of the soft compression golf balls. It is an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve the distance they can travel and their control. It comes with a huge and quick 1.600' core, which provides longer distance , while also providing a comfortable soft feel.

It's a three-piece golf ball design that comes with a stronger compression rating which helps it reduce driver spin, while still delivering speed and distance on the approach shot. It's an ideal option for middle to high handicappers seeking for ways to enhance their performance without spending a lot of money.

There are a variety of models within this collection, each specifically designed to meet a certain degree of play. They're all available with different compressive levels, dimples layers, and colors to ensure you'll find the right golf ball for you.

Let's first examine first the Titleist Pro V1 (open in new tab). It's the brand's most well-known ball, and has been in use for 12 generations, and has had many major wins.

This 2021 Pro V1 has been reformulated with greater distance in mind. It features the redesigned 2.0 ZG Process core surrounded by a stronger casing layer. The dimple count has grown from 388 to 328 to increase greenside spin and a more consistent flight.

The Pro V1's soft and smooth feel is due to having a faster and larger core that is combined with a cast urethane covering. The combination of these elements gives the ball an extremely penetrating path, softer feel with more greenside spin to provide an excellent control of the short game.


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