Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - White - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - Orange - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - Green - Dozen

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - Orange - Dozen

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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls '24 - Orange - Dozen

Velocity golf balls are a great option for mid-high handicappers who want to gain more distance. However, it’s important to keep in mind that focusing on distance can come at the expense of control.

With a new higher compression 1.550" LSX core and reformulated NaZ+ cover, the Velocity golf ball will help you get longer off the tee. It will also improve greenside spin and feel, too.

LSX Core

The LSX Core of Titleist Velocity Golf Balls is an innovative and patented design that offers high speed and maximum distance. This is achieved by pairing a softer LSX core with an extremely fast Surlyn ionomer cover that hardens and maximizes the ball’s velocity.

The result is a ball that delivers long, straight flights with a lot of control around the green. It is a great option for mid-handicappers who are looking for a versatile golf ball that will help them lower their scores and enjoy the game more.

The newest version of the Velocity addresses some of the short game deficits that had been present with previous generations, but it is still a golf ball that prioritizes distance and speed above all else. While it will help you gain an advantage over other players on the tee and can stretch your drives, it can also take away from some of the precision that you need to have on the green.

NaZ+ Cover

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls offer players an economical way to increase their distance. They are designed for mid handicappers who want to maximize their distance without sacrificing control with chips and putts around the green.

The Velocity golf balls are engineered for high speed, high launch and low long game spin to help you drive further than ever before. The LSX core and fast NaZ+ cover combine to create low spin off the tee that promotes higher speeds and more explosive distance on full swing shots.

It is important to understand that every layer of a golf ball impacts the performance of the next layer. So, when Titleist reformulated the cover for TruFeel, they altered it to be a little softer to help maintain compression.

This softer LSX core and faster NaZ+ cover combination generates extremely low spin off the tee that helps propel your drives further than ever before. It also gives you the opportunity to hit those longer shots around the green with lower spin so you can maximize your chances of making par.

Spherically Tiled 350 Octahedral Dimple Design

The spherically tiled 350 octahedral dimple design of Titleist Velocity Golf Balls promotes a consistent and high flight trajectory. It is designed to provide maximum distance and playability on all shots, while ensuring that the ball will stop on the green.

The engine of this new ball is a large, higher speed LSX core that delivers fast initial velocity with low spin on full swing shots for deep downrange distance. This larger core size also adds spin for iron stoppability, helping you get the most from every shot.

In addition to a new spherically tiled 350 ounced dimple design, this ball features a higher compression LSX core that produces faster initial speed on all shots. This allows the ball to fly longer, and gives the golfer more confidence to control it around the green.

The Velocity is available in white only until October, then it will be offered with three unique matte color options - Matte Orange, Matte Green and new Matte Blue, which were developed to appeal to the modern game of golf.

Tour Speed

The Tour Speed of Titleist Velocity Golf Balls is one of the longest balls in the range and offers a combination of speed, low spin and high flight. This is perfect for players looking to gain extra distance off the tee and keep their shots straight.

The LSX core boosts ball speed on all full shots, while the cover blend promotes lower spin for optimum distance. The spherically tiled 350 Octahedral dimple design also helps produce high flights on all shots.

In our testing we found that these balls did spin a little less than the previous model but that was a good thing. The low spin helps give you more distance off the tee and with the driver it gained around 5 yards in carry.

This ball is ideal for high handicappers and will help them get the distance they need to carry a hazard or tee shot off the fairway. Its re-designed dimples will also provide a higher launch, which is ideal for those who have an off-center hit.

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