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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Wilson C300 Forged & FG Tour V6 Irons Review | Aslan Golf

    Click Here to View The New 2019 Wilson C300 Forged Irons vs Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

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  2. 2019 Superstroke Traxion Claw Putter Grip Review - Aslan Golf

    SuperStroke Traxion Claw Putter Grips

    CLAW® PROFILE | Minimize Wrist Action

    Unique design that incorporates a pistol top hand profile with three at sides in the bottom hand for increased surface area to facilitate a “claw” style putting grip. The CLAW® helps to create a more vertical locked feeling at address by aligning the upper wrist with the putter while reducing wrist action in the bottom. Neutralizing wrist action helps to activate the larger shoulder muscles during the stroke to improve consistency of squaring the putter face at impact and starting the ball on line. NO TAPER TECHNOLOGY® | Even Grip Pressure Patented No Taper Technology® creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke. Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke.

    TRAXION CONTROL | Enhanced Feedback Zones

    Building on the superior feel and playability of the original SuperStroke putter grip, the new Traxion

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