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  1. Skycaddie LX5 GPS Golf Watch - Better than Garmin?

    This GPS device for golfing is more precise than the vast majority of other comparable products available on the marketplace. What makes it even more impressive is that all of the mapping functions are built to the watch itself, so you do not need to have specialized electronics knowledge to take advantage of all of the fantastic technology this view has to offer. Also, all of the units from different brands use a barometer to measure wind chill along with other factors. Your components, however, use an internal thermometer which keeps track of your heart rate and GPS functions while sporting a pair of gloves or perhaps on a very warm sunny day.

    Think about it. The traditional components for golf which you have to lug around literally have to be set on your wrist or perhaps attached to a golf bag in some cases, which can make them quite awkward and heavy. Also, they can become quite hot and sweaty if you're using one in a really hot and sunny climate. The Skycaddie LX5 GPS Golf

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  2. What makes the Skycaddie SX500 GPS Rangefinder the best in its class?

    The Skycaddie SX500 GPS Golf Rangefinder isn't the least expensive GPS unit on the market, nor is it the most advanced GPS device. That title is certainly going to belong to the Garmin Z80 GPS Rangefinder, however what makes the Skycaddie SX500 such a great option for golfers? It has got all of the features you need in a rangefinder, with the added bonus of a GPS which will also tell you your projected area to the nearest yard, assisting you to find the proper club to get the best possible shot. The Garmin Skycaddie has the best GPS resolution of any GPS golf rangefinder on the market nowadays, and when coupled with the watertight design and multifunctional display, this tiny gem of a tool would be the one and only choice for serious golfers who want to make the most of every match they play. If you are new to the area of golf club, or in case you've been out of this sport for a while, then the Garmin Skycaddie

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