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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  1. Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Balls

    Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Balls

    Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

    Wilson Staff has created the DUO Soft+ golf ball to be the softest golf ball available. This ball is the longest golf ball available and will deliver more distance, feel and consistency than ever before. They also feature VelocitiCOR Technology, which creates extra power behind every swing and minimizes side spin, helping you find short grass easier than ever before. To learn more about the Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ golf balls, click on the links below.

    Wilson Staff Duo Soft+

    The Wilson Duo Soft+ is a 50 compression golf ball that can go the distance. Its powerful acceleration and distance increases with each stroke. This is the ultimate distance ball. Its 50 compression

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  2. The Latest Golf Pride Golf Grips

    New Golf Grips for Sale

    New Golf Pride Golf Grips for sale

    If you are looking for a new set of golf grips, there are many choices out there. The CPX golf grip, for example, is made of soft rubber that absorbs impact vibrations. It features raised diamond-shaped pieces called "EXO Diamond-Quilted" patterns that create scores on the grip's surface. These scores allow your hands to make contact with the grip even when wearing gloves.

    WinnPro X putter grip

    The black grip is an extreme oversized fit with silver accents, allowing for a more natural feel during your stroke. The large profile prevents wrist movement during your stroke and the tacky Excel polymer material provides excellent comfort. The New Golf Pride WinnPro X putter grip offers great features for an affordable price. Weighing just over an ounce, this putter grip

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  3. The New Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls. Are they any Good?

    Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls

    Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls

    Wilson Staff Triad golf ball was developed to assist moderate golfers to discover more fairways, play more greens and lower scores. The objective being to lower scores and improve all round game.

    Imagine a ball of golf that was advertised by the fact that it had three fairways in addition to as many as five greens and throwing three more putts every round. It's hard to imagine that these balls will ever be invented, and this is because golf balls were sold in the past in the context of being quicker and longer, and more soft or spinny.

    If a ball could aid you in getting three fairways, five greens, and you can putt three more holes in a round , do you think of taking a look? If you were aware of these characteristics, you would have caused

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  4. Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Stand Bag Review

    Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Stand Bag Review

    Sun Mountain has been quietly getting noticed in the last few several years and it's reputation has grown with the introduction of numerous top-quality products. For instance, the H2NO Lite is one of the most popular Sun Mountain bag for golf and is definitely among the most popular golf bags with waterproof construction that are on the market. I've played with this H2NO Lite through a variety of rounds with different conditions of weather. It's a very difficult bag to critique.

    Contrary similar to the other types of equipment, golf bags are not difficult to design golf bags They should be sturdy and big enough to carry all the necessities and not cause discomfort when carrying the bag using straps that cause discomfort

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