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  1. Why pay so much for the Motocaddy M-Tech Electric Golf Trolley?

    Motocaddy M-Tech Electric Golf Trolley

    Motocaddy MTech Electric Golf Trolley

    Recently, Motocaddy has launched the world's first cellular enabled electric golf trolley. Read on to learn about the features and pricing of the Motocaddy M-Tech electric golf trolley. This product is also equipped with a GPS system that will show you front, back, and middle distances. With 40,000 pre-loaded courses, it can also show you hazards on the course and help you determine which shot to take next.

    Motocaddy launches world's first cellular enabled electric golf trolley

    For golfers looking to stay connected while on the course, Motocaddy has launched the world's first cellular enabled electric golf cart. The company's latest product line features a compact folding electric trolley, extended GPS range and high-resolution full-colour LCD screen.

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  2. The NEW 2022 Motocaddy S1 Electric Golf Trolley

    Motocaddy S1 Electric Golf Trolley 2022


    Motocaddy S1 Electric Golf Trolley

    The S1 electric trolley from Motocaddy is the world's biggest selling golf cart. The company has made a number of improvements to the existing models, including a sleeker look and game-changing features. It features the industry's fastest folding system and 230W whisper-quiet motor. Its easy-to-use controls include an LCD widescreen display, onboard charging port, and streamlined battery tray.

    The S1 trolley's new CLICK 'N' CONNECT battery technology makes it easier to fold, even without a key. It also features a convenient port for charging and quick access for

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  3. The New Motocaddy Protekta Cart Bag

    Motocaddy Protekta Cart Bag

    Motocaddy Protekta Cart Bag

    First impressions of this cart was it was going to be heavy and bulky. However we were surprised to see all the attention to detail you would expect of a higher end cart bag. This bag offers something different in the 14 way category. Lightweight and efficient it comes in two colours and is pretty competitive when it comes to price.

    If your looking at the 14 way category without the clanking of clubs then I think this could be your golf bag.

    Main competitors are a little ore pricey and if you already have a motocaddy cart (other than a cube) then this securely fits to the cart without any roll.

    Waterproof and lightweight, the PROTEKTA includes a noise-reducing 14-way organiser top to hold the clubs securely in place, plus

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  4. The New Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Golf Trolley

    The New Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Golf Trolley

    The award-winning M5 GPS offers fully‑integrated GPS built into a super-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display. Boasting 40,000 pre-loaded courses with distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, essential hazard information, and the ability to dynamically move the flag position, the M5 GPS is the pinnacle of electric golf trolley technology.

    The M5 GPS is also packed with other game-enhancing features including a clock, round timer, and score tracking, plus the par and stroke index of each hole, shot distance measurement, automatic hole advancement, and a battery meter.

    Life-saving capability

    Offering the potential to save lives, the

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  5. Best Buy Motocaddy Electric Golf Trolley's for 2021

    Motocaddy electric trolley's are fitted with multiple speed settings which is a great tool for getting around during your round of golfclubs. The Motocaddy M5 electric golf trolley and Motocaddy M7 electric golf trolley are the pioneers of their various brands. Both of these electrical trolleys have all the newest features and technology, providing you the very best mobility potential. At the same time these two golf carts have been made keeping in mind the user's comfort and security as well.M1 DHC -- The Automatic Motocaddy Downhill Control mechanism keeps control of your own golf trolley on all terrains.

    The Motocaddy umbrella holder can also be employed on each of the Motocaddy models for 2021. The instrument panel of the model comes with an LCD display that could be used for displaying information throughout the course of a round of golf. In addition to this, the instrument panel is equipped with a touch screen which makes it easier to run. Aslan Golf's best selling model is your Motocaddy S1 Golf Trolley, this has a sturdy structure and is the entry level trolley for Motocaddy.

    The Motocaddy M5 is the more advanced model of this Motocaddy electric golf trolley s1 using its combination of electronic screens telling the golfer of every possible demand. This model is fitted with 40,000 pre loaded golf courses at no extra cost. The M5 GPS can also be linked via Bluetooth to the free Motocaddy GPS program to offer you a wide-range of smartphone notifications including missed calls, texts, emails and range of app alarms, including WhatsApp and Facebook. In another industry first, the trolley also has built-in WiFi for instant Over‑the‑Air course and system updates. This is a perfect trolley for golfers who find it difficult to carry their golf bags as a result of size. This is one of the most lasting models of Motocaddy golf trolley available in the market. The whole trolley is made of top quality aluminum frame and is coated with high impact vinyl for a long life.

    The M5 gps electric golf trolley includes a fold up canopy for carrying in the trunk. It is great for people who want to prevent the hassle of rol

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  6. Motocaddy S5 Connect and S5 Connect DHC Electric Trolley Free Golf Bag Deal | Aslan Golf

    Motocaddy S5 Connect and S5 Connect DHC Free Golf Bag Deal - Rules and Regulations

    Golfers are being offered a sizzling promotion during the UK’s extended heatwave by Motocaddy, as the UK’s leading trolley and cart bag brand is offering a free bag with any of the brand’s revolutionary S5 CONNECT ‘Smart Cart’ models.

    Between Tuesday 10th July and Friday 31st August, any golfer purchasing a Motocaddy S5 CONNECT or S5 CONNECT DHC electric trolley, can claim a free Motocaddy cart bag worth at least £159.99. The 100% waterproof Dry-Series bag is on offer along with the premium Pro-Series model, both incorporating standout features such as the brand’s innovative EASILOCK™ bag-to-trolley connection system, removing the need for a lower bag strap.

    Following the purchase of a new Motocaddy S5 CONNECT or S5 CONNECT DHC with Lithium battery, golfers can redeem the free bag – model to be chosen at the discretion of

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  7. New Motocaddy M-Series Electric Golf Trolleys - Available Now at Aslan Golf

    Motocaddy M1 Electric Golf Trolley 2018

    The all-new M1 is the easiest-to-use compact electric trolley in the world and features a unique ‘SlimFold’ design with space-saving inverting wheels for a significantly reduced folded footprint - perfect for easy storage and transportation.

    Click Here to View The New Motocaddy M1 Electric Trolley

    Motocaddy M3 Electric Golf Trolley 2018

    Boasting a bold modern design, the compact-folding M3 PRO is bursting with performance-enhancing features, including a new SlimFold system for a significantly reduced folded footprint - ideal for limited storage and car boot space.

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