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Wilson Staff

  1. Custom Fit Golf at The Golf Studio

    Custom Fit Golf Clubs at The Golf Studio

    Custom Fit Golf Clubs at The Golf Studio

    The concept behind a Custom Fit golf club is as old as the game itself: every player's swing is different, and so should their clubs be. After all, golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and their swings are as unique as their golf balls. That's why a Custom Fit golf club is a great idea. You'll never have to worry about hitting your next golf ball with the wrong clubs again!

    The Golf Studio

    When shopping for a new set of golf clubs, one of the best options is to check out The Golf Studio. The Golf Studio in Sunderland, United Kingdom offers a custom fitting process, so your golf clubs are fitted to your unique specifications. The Golf Studio fitters will take their time and make sure you're

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  2. Do Custom Golf Clubs Help?

    Thus, you've opted to take the plunge and register for a lesson using a Golf Professional. Following a round or two of golf, maybe even hitting a few balls into the green, then you notice that your ball is not as accurate. Perhaps your grip is now an issue and the club face no longer lines up with your target hole.

    Are you wondering if a Golf Fitness instructor could help you regain your form? You are not alone; I understand from my own experience. To come back to the question at the start of this article, yes, a good PGA golf instructor can help you recover your consistency and form. But what other options do you have? There are only a few golf clubs and custom fitting that can truly get you back into the swing you are used too.

    So, what kind of golf club do you really want? A Golf PGA Fitness instructor should be able to instruct you which club matches the body, which club is suitable for your swing. But how can you find your own fit?

    By making use of a club fitting

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  3. The Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons - In Depth Review


    Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons

    Brought to you by the cutom fit specialists that are Aslan Golf. Play the irons Gary Woodland won the US Open with. Forged quality, major success.

    The Staff Model Blades from Wilson Staff pay homage to our long history of forged irons, with stunning design and details that exude quality. From the beautifully crisp top line to the triple-knurled hosel, these blades offer a level of fit and finish rarely seen in a production iron. Individually milled face and score lines throughout the set give these blades incredibly precise control, allowing you to shape shots with ease and confidence. Precision-milled muscle in the soft-forged 8620 carbon steel heads provides great feel and feedback for the traditional player and the sole features a more rounded camber for improved ground interaction

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  4. The New Wilson Staff D9 Golf Driver | Wilson D9 Golf Driver | Aslan Golf

    The New Wilson Staff D9 Golf Driver


    Using Intelligent Design, Wilson Golf ran thousands of simulations to create a driver that maximizes both speed and distance. The Wilson Labs team worked closely with our Advisory Staff members to develop a precise head shape which provides well-rounded performance off the tee.

    Wilson Staff is a world pioneer in golfing gear. Countless stroke faces were independently simulated to develop a catalyst that can deliver amazing forgiveness, high ball speeds, and amazing distance.

    Wilson Staff Tour Series drivers have shown their abilities at the professional tours. They're constructed of premium parts and engineered to permit for a perfect fit. When paired with all the tour-proven Peak Kinetic Answer face, tour-leading Wilson Staff D9 Drivers are the greatest manifestation of excellence

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  5. Wilson Staff D7 Driver | Wilson D7 Driver | Aslan Golf

    Wilson Staff D7 Driver

    Wilson Golf officially launched the new D7 driver along with the line of D7 woods and hybrids for the 2019 season. Highlighted by its superlight design, the D7 driver, woods and hybrids provides golfers with greater ball speeds for longer distances, and ultimate playability when attacking the green.

    With a club head weight of just 192 grams, the Wilson Staff D7 driver features RE-AKT Technology plus a combination of superlight design and reactive face technology to deliver faster club head speeds and ball speeds for longer distances off the tee. Engineered with the [K]omposite Crown Design, the D7 crown features a layer of Dupont Kevlar® between carbon fiber to neutralize vibration and produce a sharp, crisp sound and ultimate feel.

    “The process of creating the D7 driver started with designing the head shape and then stripping out nearly 25 grams of excessive weight,” said Jon Pergande, Global Innovation Manager at Wilson Golf. “This weight was strategically

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  6. Wilson Staff Infinite Buck Town Golf Putter | Aslan Golf

    The Wilson Staff Infinite putter line includes classic head shapes with refined detailing, each featuring counterbalanced technology for a more controlled putting stroke. Inspired by the company’s home base in Chicago, each putter is named after a local landmark or neighborhood.

    Buck Town Key Features:-

    • COUNTERBALANCED TECHNOLOGY - Counterbalanced technology in the Infinite putter line places additional weight in the head and in the grips. The additional weight in the grip area moves the balance point closer to the hands and creates a higher moment of inertia for the entire club, prompting a more controlled and stable putting stroke.
    • GRIP TECHNOLOGY - The oversized Infinite grips, weighing 104 grams compared to the heads ranging from 355 to 365 grams, further quiet the hands and limit unwanted rotation, leading to more consistency on the greens.
    • MILLED FACE - The deep, double milled face promotes consistent impact,
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